Seminar room

Nice that you are interested in our seminar room!

Here you can find some pictures and information about the coloRadio seminar room. We from coloRadio use this seminar room for our workshops and group sessions. But we also want to give other groups and initiatives the opportunity to meet at this pleasant place at a reasonable price. That's why we make it easily available through this booking system. You can register and activate yourself, after which you can immediately book a time area binding for you and your group.


Of course, the seminar room itself as well as tables, chairs and comfortable couches belong to the seminar room. If the chairs are not enough, we can organize some more. So let us know in advance how many people you will bring along. In addition, from the seminar room you have an exclusive view of the Grafitti-Wall of Fame of the central factory as well as of the table tennis table of our neighbours ;)

You can book the following accessories:

  • a beamer
  • a Bluetooth loudspeaker box
  • a moderation case

Opening hours

You can book the seminar room daily between 06am and midnight throughout the week. If you would like to start using it earlier or end it later, please write to us. We'll have a look, most of the time it's okay.

Have a look inside...

Schön, hell, ehrlich. Tische, Stühle, Couches. at nigth

Terms of use

We have a regional planning and a contact agreement at coloRadio. These two agreements also apply when you use our seminar room. Please read the room plan and the contact agreement carefully. Before you can book, you must confirm that you have read and understood both. If something is unclear to you, please write us.


You can rent our seminar room from 5 € per hour. The great thing about it is that from 5 hours on you have already reached the maximum rate and can use the seminar room all day for 25 €. So it won't get more expensive!

By the way: Your contribution helps us to pay the rent for the seminar room, because we don't make profits from the income. This way you ensure that this free space will be available for many people in the future. Thanks a thousand! :)

Is everything fine? Get started!

After you have registered and activated your account, you can immediately book a desired period (as long as it is not already taken). At the first use we check your data, then you can start. You can then transfer your usage fee or pay it in cash.