Help page for the booking system

First of all, it comes differently and secondly, it comes in a different way than people think. If something doesn't work out, you'll find a few tricks and tips on this page to help you. If you can't find your question/problem here or if you want to make a suggestion, please write to us:

I have not received a confirmation email for the registration. What next?

Please check your spam folder. Maybe the mail is there. If not, register again.

I'm locked out. What's wrong?

Wow...this can happen if you repeatedly don't use your booked periods and/or repeatedly didn't pay your usage fees.

Can we use the seminar room overnight for sleeping?

No. We're sorry, but that is not allowed.

Why am I being shown a price? I am a member of coloRadio/Netzbiotop!

The booking system cannot distinguish between different user groups. Therefore the user fee is shown to everyone. But we have made a note of who can book free of charge and we don't send them an invoice.

Why do I see more than the daily maximum rate?

Unfortunately the booking system does not have the possibility to set a maximum limit. When we send you the invoice, we will then enter the correct usage fee.